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"Yellow River Valley"   24"x22"   $495

“Yellow River Valley” 24″x22″ $495

The air is getting colder and hunting season has started in Chester. This is always sad for me as it ends my daily excursions on the trails of Tiger Brook Park on Cooper Lane. The piece pictured above entitled “Yellow River Valley” incorporates some of the wood that I have picked up on my hikes. The painting is inspired by the near earth asteroid that entered earths atmosphere over Russia in February. Astronomy is a subject that fascinates me and continues to appear in my work.

SOO many exciting events happening this month! I feel so lucky to be given so many great opportunities to share my work. Please consider visiting one of these events in support of me and the other talented artists that will be showing their work alongside mine.

“Captivating Cosmos”- Group Exhibition-Pierro Gallery-South Orange, NJ- November 7, 2013 -December 21, 2013

Opening Reception- 11/7 7-9PM (This Thursday Night)

While classical physics explains and predicts phenomena that are observable, such as the rate at which an object may fall to Earth, the most recent advances in the field are not as easily envisioned. The Captivating Cosmos explores the ways that artists have sought to give experiential meaning to these obtuse ideas.

“Pathways to Nirvana”- New Brunswick Art Salon- Alfa Art Gallery- New Brunswick, NJ- November 1 to November 28, 2013

Opening Reception: 11/8 6:30-9:30PM (This Friday Night)

Hat City Kitchen- Valley arts district- Orange, NJ- Solo exhibition- November 15 to January 31, 2013. I am thrilled that Hat City will be hosting my third solo exhibition this year! As part of the Valley arts district in Orange, this area is reviving the area through the arts. Hat city serves as an anchor in this community offering a musical venue as well as Gallery space.

Opening Reception: 11/15 6:00-8:00PM Followed by live music

I am so happy to enter this holiday season with so many exciting events. I so appreciate seeing all of you at the openings. It is a great way to catch up at this time of year. Thanks to all of you for your support-it is very much appreciated.

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