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Hello! I am an artist living in Bedminster, New Jersey with my husband and two children. I have a home studio where I go to create art, teach or just retreat from the world. I consider myself to be a self taught artist and have not had much formal art training. I value my background and experience because I think my approach to the art making process is natural and organic. I have always experimented with materials and techniques and have developed a very playful approach to creating my work.

With a background in the fashion industry, I worked for many years as a designer. Through this work I developed a sense for color, pattern, and proportion which informs my artwork. As a designer, I also watched cultural trends and how they affect our daily lives. This high altitude perspective is something that continues with my current work. Very often, themes such as the environment, social patterns and manmade structures appear in my paintings.  In addition to my fashion experience, I founded the now defunct Wellspring community school in Gladstone, NJ.

My work is always evolving and I have used many mediums such as stone, glass, wood, painting and collage. Currently I am making mixed media paintings which are created intuitively. Layers of paint, paper and fabric are added and removed as the image emerges from the canvas.  The piece extends through assembled wood and found objects.  These sculptural elements  are  intended to be a bridge between the fantasy of the painting and the real world.  I fully trust my creativity to guide me to the end of the piece and enjoy the thrill of not knowing how it will turn out. I see art as a form of expression that is achieved through the creative process. Painting allows me to access a level of expression that I am unable to achieve with verbal or written language.

Selected Press:

Article written in The Daily Record- June 2015

Video Interview from Alpha Art Gallery exhibit 2013

Article written in Montclair Local about “Love and Fear” exhibit April 2019

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